Community Broadcasting Online

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A bridge over grey waters: collecting and preserving public policy research

This paper looks at the role of Australian Policy Online (APO) as a collection of ‘grey’ public policy research and considers how this fits within the broader context of open access publishing and policy development.
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De-tooling technology: networked computing as an environment, purpose and medium for social action

Network technologies are very desirable for social action, allowing activists to achieve more with less, more quickly and with broader impact; on the other hand, the very advantages they bring are equally important to the world of contemporary capitalism that social action seeks to change...
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Community media and ethical choice

The internet provides a means for non-professional media-makers to produce and publish their own video and audio content, as community television and radio have done for several decades. While the web seems to exemplify the principles of media access and diversity championed by the community...
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Community media in the prosumer era

How is media convergence impacting on established, ‘broadcast-era’ community media? This paper takes SYN (a community radio licensee in Melbourne) as a case study and employs media ethnography and policy analysis to identify contemporary challenges facing community media. Community media requires a different approach to...
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Digital conversion of community television

The community broadcasting sector welcomes the allocation of Channel A for new digital television services and believes that this is a crucial opportunity for the first stage in the conversion of existing CTV services from analogue to digital. However, the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia...