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Sustainable urban design co-benefits: role of EST in reducing air pollution and climate change mitigation

This background paper was prepared by the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute for the Eleventh Regional EST Forum in Asia. It discusses sustainable urban design and development for Asian cities, the co-benefits of sustainable urban design, and good practices and case studies from around the...

Remaking sustainable urbanism: some principles for a resilient and regenerative city

Peter Newman from the CUSP institute discusses six principles of resilient cities: renewable and distributed energy, sustainable mobility systems, inclusive and health cities, disaster recovery, biophilic urbanism and a more cyclical and regenerative metabolism.

Low carbon inclusions in Commonwealth and NSW government built environment sector procurement

This report forms part of the deliverables for the CRC for Low Carbon Living project RP2010 'Informing and Trialling Low Carbon Inclusions in State Government Built Environment Sector Tenders'. The project is being undertaken in collaboration with UrbanGrowth NSW by Curtin University. The project is...

Perth freight link: good idea, wrong port

The Perth Freight Link (PFL) has been announced as a major transport opportunity to solve the heavy goods truck problems in Perth. By taking trucks via a toll road around an extended Roe Highway, through Stock Road and Leach Highway to the Fremantle Inner Harbour...

Pilbara 2050: ensuring the long term viability of the Pilbara

This report examines the long term economic viability of the Pilbara region. It gives an audit of infrastructure, policies, programs and initiatives, with a gap analysis of need and a comparison against other places in Australia and around the world.