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Drowning in codes of conduct

Australians face a complex, confusing and often inconsistent environment when it comes to regulating how businesses and consumers should conduct themselves online. This report examines 16 codes of conduct that are relevant to Australian consumers when they engage in online activity (13 active codes and...

Internet filtering and censorship proposals

UNSW Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre hosted a forum on Thursday 27 November 2008 for approximately 70 experts and other interested persons to explore aspects of the Australian Government's current Internet filtering and censorship proposals. The aim was to explore the underlying issues and constraints...

Who am I? Dispelling the annoyingly persistent myth of a single answer

Some people, and most organisations, unconsciously assume that each human being is tied to a single 'true' identity, and anything else, any other identity for that person, is a mistake, dishonest, or even illegal. This is understandable, but plain wrong. This false myth has serious...

Improving privacy legislation in New South Wales

Research for this submission has been undertaken as part of a Discovery project funded by the Australian Research Council, ?Interpreting Privacy Principles?. Details of the project, and other publications resulting from it, are available here. The iPP Project is based at the Cyberspace Law &...

Unlocking IP to stimulate Australian innovation: An issues paper

'Public rights' in intellectual goods (the broad usage of 'the public domain'), are increasingly important as a driver of innovation in information economies. This submission examines ten areas where changes to strengthen or protect Australia's copyright public domain may be desirable to encourage innovation. They...