Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (Australia)


Caring for our Australian Alps catchments

Climate change has the potential to adversely affect the Australian Alps' water catchments. This report assesses the extent of that threat. The high quality and reliable waters from the Australian Alps are of national economic, social and environmental importance. In 2005, 3980 gigalitres (GL) of...
Discussion paper

Clean Energy Bill 2011: Exposure draft

The Government is seeking comment from the public, stakeholders and legal experts on the details of its Clean Energy Legislative Package. Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Minister Greg Combet and Treasurer Wayne Swan released drafts of the key bills in the package on 28 July...

Kakadu: Vulnerability to climate change impacts

The report examines the potential impacts of climate change and sea level rise on the South Alligator River system in Kakadu National Park, Australia. It uses modelling to assess the risk of saltwater intrusion and extreme rainfall events on low-lying coastal wetlands, under climate change...

Climate change risks to coastal buildings and infrastructure

Governments at all levels need to be aware of the potential future costs of climate change. This supplement to Climate Change Risks to Australia's Coasts (0) was released In June 2011 Climate Change Risks to Coastal Buildings and Infrastructure (0) presents additional data on the...

Report of the Prime Minister's task group on energy efficiency

The former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd established a Task Group on Energy Efficiency (0) to advise the Australian Government, by mid-2010, on options to improve Australia’s energy efficiency by 2020. What did the Task Group recommend? The Task Group’s terms of reference were explicit in...