Department of Education, Training and Employment (Qld)


The code of school behaviour

The code of school behaviour (The Code) outlines a consistent standard of behaviour for all state school communities in Queensland, inclusive of students, staff and parents. The Code recognises the close relationship between learning, achievement and behaviour and has been developed to deliver the best...

Solid partners solid futures: a partnership approach for excellence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander early childhood, education, training and employment from 2013 to 2016

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people have the confidence, skills and knowledge to make a valuable contribution — socially, culturally and economically — to the wellbeing of their families and communities and to all Queenslanders. Purpose Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children...

A framework for integrated early childhood development

This resource is intended to support and encourage integrated service delivery across the early childhood development sector. Integrated service delivery brings together different disciplines and services into a more comprehensive service delivery system. An integrated approach to early childhood development enables families to access multiple...

Evaluation of the Early Years Centre initiative

An external evaluation of the Queensland Government’s Early Years Centre (EYC) initiative found the provision of integrated early childhood development services is delivering positive developmental, social and behaviour outcomes for children aged from birth to eight years, strengthening parenting skills and improving outcomes for vulnerable...

Exemptions from compulsory schooling and compulsory participation

This procedure refers to cases where a child or young person cannot attend, or it would be unreasonable under the circumstances for them to attend school or participate in an eligible option for a period of more than 10 consecutive school days. The official process...