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Climate justice, adaptation, and sustainability: A capabilities approach

The paper starts with a brief overview of a number of current approaches to climate justice, noting concerns about each. Next, two conceptions of justice currently unaddressed by these approaches, recognition and capabilities, are discussed. A broad capabilities-based approach to climate justice is then laid...

Legislative regulation, judicial politics and the cartel party model

This paper presents a comparative analysis of the legal regulation of political parties as competitors in, and as new entrants to, the electoral contest. The paper focuses on laws that regulate both ballot access and the registration of political parties as ‘official’ electoral actors. It...

Australia: Representative bureaucracy in a post-colonial, multicultural society

Australian public sector bodies regularly advertise their dedication to diversity and inclusion. Australian national, state and territory governments consistently emphasise four criteria when measuring and addressing public sector representativeness: indigenous status, ethno‐linguistic status, gender, and physical and intellectual disability. For many years, Australian governments had...
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Electoral politics

This chapter is part of a larger work seeking to understand the bases of stability of authoritarian political systems. One factor which has been thought to be instrumental in this is elections. This paper opens by looking at the way elections have been structured in...
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Getting tough with your banker: Australia's response to economic dependence on China

Influential theories generate diverging expectations over how middle powers will respond to deepening economic dependence upon a rising power. One set of Realist arguments suggests that negative threat perceptions toward the rising power will exacerbate concerns with economic dependence, encouraging balancing behavior against the rising...