Design Research Institute (RMIT)


Mediated city: Annual review 2012

The research projects under Mediated City explore questions that traverse through various disciplines to create new knowledge. Here, design catalyses changes in people’s practices to cross boundary domains, such as art, business, geospatial science, interaction design and creative writing. Common themes under Mediated City are...

Future fabric of cities flagship program 2011 highlights

The projects in the Future Fabric of Cities Flagship explore innovative propositions around the questions that arise in the future design of cities. These questions are approached from a range of perspectives and scales, both physical and virtual, but share a concern for venturous project-based...

Designing solutions to wicked problems: a manifesto for transdisciplinary research and design

The Transdisciplinary Research and Design Symposium aimed to take stock of the state of transdisciplinary practice across the various domains in which it appears most advanced, seeking to distil lessons and a working set of practice principles. The symposium ran for a day and a...