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Reducing Variability of Workforce as a Tool to Improve Plan Reliability

Variability of flow is recognized as one of the greatest obstacles to production management. Since the work flow and labour flow are two dominators of work performance, it is important to manage them simultaneously. The objective of this paper is to examine if an increased...
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Using post-occupancy evaluation of housing projects to generate value for municipal governments

This article presents a value-generation framework for municipalities through the adaptation of the Lean Project Delivery System (LPDS) to the municipal management process. Said process includes the use of learning loops from previous projects to revamp municipal management during design revision, construction supervision and commissioning...
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Comparing point-to-point precedence relations and location-based management system in Last Planner System: A housing project of highly repetitive processes case study

A comprehensive production system is needed to enhance the flow operations during the works. In this context, the Last Planner System (LPS) is one of the Lean tools used more often in project management for construction, and in doing so, tries to offset the limitations...

Performance-based specifications for sustainable pavements: A Lean engineering analysis

Lean concepts, though born in the manufacturing industry, have since made their way to the construction industry. In a broad sense, lean concepts aim at minimizing waste and maximizing value which can be related to cost, quality, and time. These aims are in-line with sustainable...
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Teaching Lean construction: Pontifical Catholic University of Peru training course in Lean project & construction management

This paper describes the teaching strategies of the Lean Project & Construction Management Training Course, organized by the Civil Engineering Program of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, School of Science and Engineering, with the intention of inspiring other scholars and/or practitioners. It explains the...