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Real-time resource tracking for analyzing value-adding time in construction

Improving the effectiveness of production control has attracted the interest of researchers and lean construction practitioners over recent years, through techniques such as Last Planner System (LPS) and Location-based Management System (LBMS). However, in these techniques, data collection and analysis still remain manual. Remotely locating...
Journal article

Using post-occupancy evaluation of housing projects to generate value for municipal governments

This article presents a value-generation framework for municipalities through the adaptation of the Lean Project Delivery System (LPDS) to the municipal management process. Said process includes the use of learning loops from previous projects to revamp municipal management during design revision, construction supervision and commissioning...

Digital assembly instruction system design with green lean perspective-Case study from building module industry

Manual 'easy jobs' need to be efficient, standardised and quality assured to remain competitive against automated production. Digitalised work instructions offer an opportunity to support standardisation and quality assurance for manual work tasks in industry. Inspired by axiomatic design this study aims at selecting design...

Design for green lean building module production - Case study

With an increasing societal need for temporary buildings, while construction industry faces resource and time efficiency challenges, factory assembly of modular buildings can be a solution. This case study at a start-up company uses experiences from assembly system design and eco-design literature to propose green...

International comparative performance of the UK research base - 2016

This report tracks investment in, and performance of, the national research system in an international setting, combining a variety of indicators to present a multifaceted factual view of the UK’s comparative performance in research.