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Analysis of the transaction costs and administration benefits associated with Behind The Label

Compliance with government regulations represents a cost to business operations. Of all compliance activities, compliance with taxation regulations and legislation constitutes a significant proportion of business expense. Estimates obtained in this study by Phillip O'Neill and Grahame O'Leary suggest that compliance with licensing and other...

Making it easier for parents who so wish to return to the paid workforce

Using the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey, Julie Lee compares a group of long-term unemployed women with at least one pre-school child with an equivalent employed group, and analyses the differences in their circumstances. On that basis she proposes a set...

Call centres: where to next?

Rapid developments in the call centre industry have seen their evolution into contact centres providing both telephony and internet services to customers. Is this their ultimate form, ask Bernadine Cantrick-Brooks, Pamela Mathews and Zeenobiyah Naadiyah Hannif, or will they continue to evolve into something quite...

Women workers in male dominated manufacturing organisations: contrasting workplace case studies from Australia

John Burgess, Lindy Henderson and Glenda Strachan compared women’s roles, expectations and experiences in two comparable, male-dominated industrial manufacturing companies. Good jobs and poor jobs existed in the same legislative and industrial framework and in the same local labour market. The differences are located in...

Young people's attitudes to trade unions

This report presents the findings of the Young People's Attitudes to Trade Unions Project that was commissioned by the Newcastle Trades Hall Council with a view to developing more effective strategies for communicating with, and organising young people. The project commenced in late October 1999...