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"Yes we can …": Using benefit transfer to inform environmental policy making

The use of economic analysis in environmental and resource policy issues A number of current policy debates in Australia revolve around natural resource and environmental management issues. In many cases these issues have come to public attention through the efforts of special interest groups. Once...

Valuing local recreation in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia

This paper aims to identify local recreational use values for recreation in and adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park using the travel cost methodology, focusing on beach, island, and fishing, boating and sailing trips. Of the 1051 responses to the survey, drawn randomly...

Are there incentives to integrate to land and water management across northern Australia?

The aim of this work is to understand what incentives exist to encourage integration in land and water management across northern Australia. Integration is seen as important in improving planning and management of resources in the context of climate change and development pressure. The north...

The implications of risk and uncertainty aversion in public goods games

This paper examines how individuals behave in situations of risk and uncertainty in public and private goods context. It finds that subjects are willing to pay a much higher amount to find out information relating to the probabilities of providing the private good than information...

Valuing ecosystem resilience

This paper investigates the value society attaches to changes in ecosystem resilience. The concept of ecosystem resilience is being increasingly discussed as a driver of biodiversity values. It implies that marginal deteriorations in ecosystem conditions can abruptly result in non-marginal and irreversible changes in ecosystem...