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The good citizen of Australia: human rights and citizenship in the twenty-first century

A number of governments, including Australia’s, have proposed the revocation of citizenship as a means to deter engagement in terrorism. This lecture considers the political and legal context of these proposals and discuss their compatibility with international human rights standards.

Australian legal education forum: Responding to conflict

This Forum - Responding to Conflict - concentrates on the issue of humanitarian intervention and its legal context.
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From plains to plate: the future of food in South Australia

From Plains to Plate is a convergence of ideas and skills from community, business and government focussed on strengthening South Australia's food systems in the face of intensifying environmental, social and economic challenges. Speaker biographies:
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The big water debate: the truth and lies about water politics

Water is essential for life. Discussion of water needs to take account of some fundamental truths: South Australia is the driest State of the driest inhabited continent. We also have more variable rainfall than other continents. Both rainfall patterns and subsequent run-off are being altered...