House of Representatives Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs

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Advisory report: Native Title Amendment Bill 2012

On 28 November 2012 the Hon. Nicola Roxon MP, Attorney General, introduced the Native Title Amendment Bill 2012 (hereafter referred to as the Bill). The Bill proposes amendments to the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth). On 29 November 2012 the Selection Committee asked the Committee...

Our land our languages: language learning in Indigenous communities

Language work is close to the heart of many Indigenous Australians. The important role that Indigenous languages play in terms of a connection to culture, kinship, land and family was highlighted during the Committee’s inquiry, as was the devastation to communities that results when language...

Doing time - time for doing

20 years after the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, young Aboriginal people are 28 times more likely to be detained than non-indigenous juveniles. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Committee recently tabled this report into Indigenous youth and the criminal justice system...

Everybody's business: remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait community stores

The remote community store has the potential to play a pivotal role in improving the social, economic and health outcomes of remote Indigenous communities, according to this report. The committee made 33 recommendations overall in key areas such as health and nutrition, food access and...

Indigenous Australians at work: successful initiatives in Indigenous employment

Although labour force participation rates for Indigenous people still remain well below the levels for non-Indigenous Australians, there have been some improvements in employment rates and in the diversity of careers being pursued by Indigenous Australians. This report looks at positive examples of Indigenous employment...