Institute for Government

Policy report

How is evidence used in tax policy making?

This report documents how different types of evidence feed into tax policy-making. It aims to help external stakeholders understand how the evidence they produce is used and how they could better feed into policy-making, and offers the government recommendations for how it can use such...

Revamping government reform: assessing the government’s latest plans for the civil service

Any successful reform plan needs leaders across government to be invested in it. The authors of this paper argue that constructing an overarching narrative, publishing success criteria, and making it clear who is accountable for achieving them would be a good first step towards achieving...

Cross-government co-ordination to improve health and reduce inequalities

Supporting good public health is an important aim for any government. Not just because people value it highly, for themselves and their communities, but also because it is important for the economy. In June 2023, the Institute for Government and the Health Foundation jointly organised...

When should public bodies exist?

Current UK Government guidance states that public bodies should exist only ‘as a last resort’, when three narrow tests are met. This approach means government does not always use the appropriate mechanism to fulfil its objectives. The authors of this paper argue that the tests...

Strengthening private office: how the civil service should improve support for ministers

Private offices provide essential assistance to ministers. But some struggle to recruit and retain experienced staff, and fail to deliver the support ministers need to achieve their aims in government. This report sets out how the civil service can improve private offices to ensure that...