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Kokoda Foundation


Girt by sea: understanding Australia’s maritime domains in a networked world

This study aims to provide the background, language and context necessary for an informed understanding of the challenges and dilemmas faced by those responsible for the efficacy of Australia’s maritime domain awareness system. Abstract Against a rapidly changing region dominated by the rise of China...

Australian Defence logistics: the need to enable and equip logistics transformation

Abstract: This report aims to highlight to the wider Defence community the challenges faced by Defence Logisticians and the lack of priority that Defence leaders have placed on Logistics systems in the past. Its fundamental contention is that Defence will need to place greater emphasis...

Getting it right: integrating the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance enterprise

This paper examines the nature of the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance challenge confronting Australia and how that challenge is currently being met. Introduction Understanding the environment in which a conflict is being or will be conducted has always been a central element of military thinking...

Sub judice: Australia's future submarine

This study assesses how best to deliver a submarine capable of meeting a unique requirement for range, endurance and stealth, able to operate over the vast distances inherent in Australia’s strategic geography and to exploit the depth that it affords. Since the Second World War...