Land Warfare Studies Centre

Working paper

Herding cats: the evolution of the ADF’s media embedding program in operational areas

This paper reviews the Australian Defence Force's media embedding program. Executive summary Like other Western military forces, the ADF has used deployments since Vietnam to develop appropriate mechanisms to support media access to its operations. The ADF’s advances in this regard, like those of the...

The future of war debate in Australia: why has there not been one? Has the need for one now arrived?

Periodically the US military is host to a robust, heated, and sometimes painful debate on the future character of war. By contrast, the most striking thing about debate within the Australian Army is its near total absence. The Army, it appears, is unable or unwilling...

Counterinsurgency in Uruzgan

This paper examines counterinsurgency from a commander's perspective, focusing on Australian operations in Uruzgan in the second half of 2009. Success in counterinsurgency requires a careful balance between the ability to win the support of the people, and a finely honed close combat ability that...