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London School of Economics and Political Science

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Can social science still be used as a foundation for public policy? On improving the reliability of evidence

John Jerrim and Robert de Vries argue a radical overhaul is needed of how social science is published and produced for it to provide a helpful basis for public policy. More progress is needed in particular over the lack of transparency of the research process...
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The next decade of data science: rethinking key challenges faced by big data researchers

The vast availability of digital traces of unprecedented form and scale has led many to believe that we are entering a new data revolution. Will these new data sources and tools allow us to improve business processes in transformative ways? Vyacheslav Polonski argues that the...
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10 tips for digital citizens’ parents

Guest contributor Anne Collier discusses youth and digital citizenship, and shares ten key insights for parents.
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101 innovations in scholarly communication: how researchers are getting to grip with the myriad of new tools

Are we witnessing a major overhaul of scholarly communication rules and tools? In the last six months alone, this blog has featured posts on all phases of the research cycle. From Wikipedia (discovery) to replication (analysis), Chrome extensions for reference management (writing), the Open Library...
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Top ten tips for universities seeking to implement open access

With funders requiring open access and researchers increasingly aware of it, now is the time for universities to make significant headway in providing a coherent plan for encouraging wider open access adoption. Neil Jacobs from Jisc provides an overview of what actions have been taken...