National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility

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Human health and wellbeing climate change adaptation plan for Queensland

This document outlines the process to develop the Human Health and Wellbeing Climate Adaptation Plan (H-CAP) and describes its scope. It provides an overview of existing policy, and outlines policy drivers and enablers, and case studies to inspire action.

Climate risks and adaptation pathways for coastal transport infrastructure

These Guidelines were prepared to provide coastal transport infrastructure authorities and organisations with targeted information about climate risks for both assets and operations. The Guidelines also contain practical information pertaining to strategies and measures for building resilience of assets and operations to climate risks and...
Briefing paper

Policy information brief 4: sustainable and thriving rural communities under climate change

This Brief addresses the challenges rural communities face in adapting to a variable and changing climate. It was developed through a consultation workshop in Dubbo together with extensive exchange with relevant stakeholders and experts.

Climate adaptation manual for local government: embedding resilience to climate change

This manual highlights leading case studies and practical resources from Australian municipalities and overseas, and includes a step-by-step framework for effectively embedding climate risk into council operations. The resource will be useful for council staff involved in climate risk assessment and planning such as asset...