National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility


Human health and wellbeing climate change adaptation plan for Queensland

This document outlines the process to develop the Human Health and Wellbeing Climate Adaptation Plan (H-CAP) and describes its scope. It provides an overview of existing policy, and outlines policy drivers and enablers, and case studies to inspire action.

Public risk perceptions, understandings and responses to climate change in Australia and Great Britain

This final report presents and discusses national survey findings from a collaborative and cross-national research project undertaken by Griffith University (Australia) and Cardiff University (UK) examining public risk perceptions, understandings and responses to the threat and unfolding impacts of climate change in Australia and Great...

Australia’s country towns 2050: what will a climate adapted settlement pattern look like?

This report is the first output from this project and presents the findings from the initial stages of the investigation. Later reports will present a fuller picture as the outputs of additional stages of analysis are presented. There is a growing consensus in the community...

Population distribution, migration and climate change in Australia

In Australia the body of knowledge of likely scenarios of climate change impact over the next few decades has increased significantly in both its robustness and level of detail. The Climate Commission’s (2011) report on The Critical Decade: Climate Science, Risks and Responses summarises the...
Briefing paper

Policy information brief 4: sustainable and thriving rural communities under climate change

This Brief addresses the challenges rural communities face in adapting to a variable and changing climate. It was developed through a consultation workshop in Dubbo together with extensive exchange with relevant stakeholders and experts.