National Housing Supply Council


Housing supply and affordability issues 2012–13

This report marks a change to how the National Housing Supply Council publishes its work. The Council will now look at specific issues and themes in this Housing Supply and Affordability Issues publication each year.

Scoping study of migration and housing needs

This scoping study examines the housing characteristics of recently arrived permanent and temporary migrants by their visa category, using data from a number of sources including the 2006 population census and the 2006 and 2010 General Social Surveys. Migrant groups that are examined include overseas...

National Housing Supply Council: state of supply report

This report focuses on projections of underlying demand and of land and housing supply over the 20 years from 2008-28, the gap between housing demand and supply and implications for submarkets, and current influences on supply and demand. This report focuses on: • projections of...