New Economics Foundation


Squeezed out: the impact of build costs and planning reform on social housing supply in England

This report provides an analysis of a sample of local authorities, two from each region of England, to test the resilience of social and affordable housing supply to further increases in build cost.

FFS? Fossil fuels support in the UK tax system

This report uncovers the extent to which the UK Government is providing fossil fuel companies with tax subsidies.

Greening public finance

In this document, the authors argue that 'greening' the finance system is a key part of the transition to 'net zero' emissions by 2050.

A frequent flyer levy

The authors of this document consider the policy options and instruments available to the UK government to reduce aviation travel and to ensure carbon reduction targets can be achieved.

Business in arrears: preventing collapse in sectors hardest hit by COVID-19

This report reviews the differing experiences of UK economic sectors during the COVID-19 crisis so far, the support offered by the government, and why the financial viability of many businesses still looks precarious.