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The future of news: Journalism in a post-truth era

Media soul-searching continues as editors and reporters from outlets from CNN to The Weekly Standard to The New York Times gathered at Harvard University for an event centered on the question of the role of journalism in a “post-truth era.” Streamed live on 31 Jan...

The Internet: how it changes everything about journalism

"Shirky?s terrific new book, Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations, is an excellent primer for those journalists who feel confused by the impact technology is having on their industry?those who, at some fundamental level, feel they don?t get the Internet. Only a...

It's an online world for young people and political news

Why are young people turning away from the mainstream media? And where are they going to get their political news and information? The proliferation of the Internet and the rising popularity of digital video recording products like Tivo have created a culture of convenience. News...

Power and money and celebrity can blind you

John Walcott warns: 'Instead of being members of the Fourth Estate, too many Washington reporters have been itching to move up an estate or two.' He also argues against the notion that truth can be found midway between the two opposing poles of any argument...