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Plagiarism and related issues in assessments not involving text

There appears to be a reasonably common understanding about plagiarism and collusion in assessment items written in prose text. However, there are many disciplines of study that use assessment items not based in prose. In computing there are computer programs, databases, spreadsheets, and more; in...

“Can’t be what you can’t see”: the transition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to higher education

This report presents the findings of an investigation into the processes, the data, the key issues, the pathways, the enablers, the constraints and the opportunities regarding the transition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students into higher education. Through an examination of qualitative and quantitative...

Teaching-focused academic appointments in Australian universities: recognition, specialisation, or stratification?

This report uses data on teaching-only appointments in Australian universities to describe their growth, their distribution by institution, and in those universities with significant numbers, their distribution by discipline and level. Executive summary Since 2009 there has been a consistent upward trend in the number...