Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights


Report of the Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights

The digital welfare state is commonly presented as an altruistic and noble enterprise designed to ensure that citizens benefit from new technologies. However, this report suggests that all too often, the real motives behind such programs are to slash welfare spending, set up intrusive government...

The right to privacy in the digital age

Advances in information communication technology are dramatically improving real-time communication and information-sharing. By amplifying the voices of human rights defenders and helping to expose abuses, these powerful technologies offer the promise of improved enjoyment of human rights.

Report of the United Nations independent special commission of enquiry for Timor-Leste

The present report is based upon extensive interviews and analysis conducted by the Commission in Timor-Leste. In excess of 200 witnesses were interviewed and 2,000 documents were considered by the Commission.

United Nations Special Rapporteur on adequate housing: mission to Australia - premlinary observations

The Special Rapporteur expressed serious concern about the ‘hidden national housing crisis’ in Australia, and recommended that the Federal Government develop a National Housing Policy, and consider establishing a Federal Ministry for Housing, making housing and homelessness a national priority. The Special Rapporteur described the...