Primary Industries and Regions SA

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2012-2013 PIRSA Annual Report

Outlines performance summary, organisational structure, outcomes and goals of Primary Industries and Regions South Australia for 2013.
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Action plan to foster growth in food and wine industries

Food and wine are pivotal to South Australia's prosperity and central to its identity. Recognising that, an action plan to develop and expand South Australia's food and wine industry locally, interstate and in key overseas markets has been released. The plan provides a blueprint to...
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Ambassadors to promote SA's premium and clean food and wine

Paper highlights the international promotion of South Australian food and wine by newly appointed ambassadors for the South Australian food industry.

The changing climate: impacts and adaptations options for South Australian primary producers

The impacts of long-term climate change on agriculture could include more weeds, pests and diseases; changes in pasture growth and livestock carrying capacity; an increase in extreme weather events; and changes in rainfall patterns combined with higher temperatures. The extent of the negative effects could...