Risk and Sustainable Management Group


The practicalities of emissions trading

With both major parties proposing to develop an emissions trading regime, this paper discusses some important practical issues and trade-offs. In the past year, climate change has moved from political controversy to political consensus; at least, in relation for price-based policies the need to limit...

Risk and social democracy

‘Risk’ has become a central theme in 21st-century policy thinking. The fact that individuals and families are vulnerable to a wide range of social, economic and other risks, and that collective action is needed to help reduce and manage these risks, has long been important...

Stories about productivity

When asked about their methodological practices, most economists claim to practise some form of instrumentalist positivism, as advocated by Friedman or appeal to Popper’s notions of falsification, implemented by the hypothesis-testing procedures of classical inference. More philosophically sophisticated members of the profession might, following Blaug...