Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)


Using economic development to improve health and reduce health inequalities

Creating a society where everyone has an opportunity to live a healthy life requires action across government. This report contains case studies of economic development strategies which look beyond narrow financial outcomes as measures of success, and instead aim to enhance human welfare.

Thriving, striving, or just about surviving?

This report explores what ‘good work’ means in practice. The findings reveal how economically secure workers are in the United Kingdom and offer greater insight into experiences of work across the labour market.

The second age of small: understanding the economic impact of micro businesses

The UK’s micro business population is booming. Defined as firms with 0-9 employees, there are now 5m such businesses in the UK, up from 3.5m in 2000. In contrast, the populations of all other firm sizes have either increased only marginally or fallen over the...

Breaking the mould: how Etsy and online craft marketplaces are changing the nature of business

This report shows that those using online craft marketplaces appear to differ from conventional business owners in many ways – not just in terms of who they are and where they come from, but also how they run their businesses and interact with customers and...

Salvation in a start-up? The origins and nature of the self-employment boom

The UK is experiencing a boom in microbusinesses and self-employment. Today there are 600,000 more microbusinesses (firms with zero to nine employees) in existence than there were when the recession first began in 2008, and 40 percent more than at the turn of the century...