Urban regeneration in Australia

This chapter on urban regeneration in Australia explores the current state of play concerning urban regeneration in Australia’s major cities, with particular reference to Melbourne.
Journal article

Evaluating the implementation and active living impacts of a state government planning policy designed to create walkable neighborhoods in Perth, Western Australia

Consistent with the aims of a WA government policy, residents in walkable (i.e., liveable) neighborhoods may be more physically active.

Teen conceptualization of digital technologies

This research explores teenagers’ knowledge representation of six digital technologies – email, IM, internet, digital photos, sms and games. Instead of pre-imposing a specific structure, teens freely express everything they consider relevant by identifying the meanings associated with each digital technology. Drawing on cognitive psychology...

The state of Wiki usage in U.S. K–12 schools leveraging Web 2.0 Data Warehouses

To document wiki usage in U.S. K–12 settings, this study examined a representative sample drawn from a population of nearly 180,000 wikis. The authors measured the opportunities wikis provide for students to develop 21st-century skills such as expert thinking, complex communication, and new media literacy...

Professional development for technology enhanced inquiry science

Leaders in education, science, and policy recognize the value of technology enhanced inquiry materials for science and are stressing the importance of teacher professional development. A recent synthesis of more than 25 meta-analytic studies investigating the Professional Development for Technology-Enhanced Inquiry Science Downloaded from