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Let's Start: Exploring Together - an early intervention program for Northern Territory children and families

The Let’s Start project was a trial to implement the Exploring Together Preschool Program (ETPP) in the Northern Territory (NT) for managing behaviour problems in Indigenous and other children. Children from four to six years old whose behaviour was a concern were referred to Let’s...

Angka akatyerr-akert: a desert raisin report

Desert raisin is one of the most important plants in desert Australia. Aboriginal people hold a lot of specialised knowledge about where and when plants grow, how to manage them, and what animals eat the plants. This report documents some of the public knowledge about...

Northern Territory student attendance 2005 to 2007

This document reports on the student attendance rate for NT DEET schools during 2005 to 2007. It compares the student attendance rate and the average weekly enrolment for all NT DEET students. On average, students from NT government schools attend for just over 4 days...

Student progress 2008: accelerated literacy NT schools

This document reports student progress for students participating in the Accelerated Literacy program during 2008 in NT DET schools. It compares the students assessed reading levels during 2008 with those received in previous years.