School of Architecture and Design (RMIT)

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Manufacturing urbanism: an architectural practice for unfinished cities

This PhD is a reflection upon an architectural practice developed over twelve years, incorporating architectural design, teaching and writing. The practice consists of a variety of projects ranging from full-scale architectural interventions to speculative urban proposals, and includes individually authored work alongside collaborations with an...

Strategies for diversity: the consideration of marginal elements for integration into the city

This document includes four projects carried out within the Urban Architecture Laboratory (UAL) over a period of one and a half years to fulfil the requirements of a Master of Architecture by research at the RMIT University. This candidature developed through the initial study of...

Alternatives in light and space: rethinking public lighting in shared spaces

This study reconsiders current public lighting design and suggests alternative practices that were determined through a case study involving a main street shopping strip. Using design as an investigative method this thesis seeks to inform and inspire practitioners and decisionmakers by illustrating the possibilities of...