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Nature in the urban century: a global assessment of where and how to conserve nature for biodiversity and human wellbeing

This century will be remembered as the urban century. Our generation will witness the most significant urban growth in human history. By 2050, there will be 2.4 billion more people in cities, a rate of urban growth that is equivalent to building a city with...

Tinker, tailor, urban future

The current speed and complexity of urbanisation calls for radically new approaches to sustainability of cities Study suggests “urban tinkering” as a solution – a systems thinking approach inspired by evolutionary biology It can help engineers, architects, ecologists, health specialists and others to develop innovative...
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Planetary boundaries: Exploring the safe operating space for humanity

New approaches are needed to help humanity deal with climate change and other global environmental threats that lie ahead in the 21st century. A group of 28 internationally renowned scientists propose that global biophysical boundaries, identified on the basis of the scientific understanding of the...