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Australian gun laws may seed their own destruction

Of all Australia’s public health initiatives, our gun control laws are perhaps the most widely recognised and cited with pride. Yet they also contain the seed of their own destruction. John Howard's post-Port Arthur National Firearms Agreement brought with it an unintended public safety consequence...
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"Harmless" .22 calibre rabbit rifles kill more people than any other type of gun

Contrary to their popular image as low-powered "bunny guns," .22-calibre rifles are commonly used in multiple shootings. In seven mass killings involving .22 rifles in Australia and New Zealand alone, 54 people died by gunfire.

The social and cultural determinants of mental health

These five shortlisted essays from the Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay Competition look at mental health from a variety of perspectives. The outright winner, “A Place to Call Home: Housing Security and Mental Health,” was written by freelance writer El Gibbs. Runners-up were Malcolm Forbes, a...