The Strategist


Doxxing the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong

Since late August, an anonymous website has been publishing the personal details of pro-democracy protesters, journalists and politicians in Hong Kong. Building on earlier analysis of the state-backed information campaign targeting the Hong Kong protests, this article examines how this site has been spread on...

The case for a new defence white paper

Successful defence white papers have to find the right resting place between four sets of demands: politics; strategy and policy; military capability; and money. That's what makes them so interesting, and also so hard to do well.

New security reality demands new Australian policy

Australia’s international security outlook is starting to look very threatening. The White House is undermining the international order, has started a trade war with China and the EU, and is threatening the unity of NATO. At the same time, China and Russia are becoming increasingly...

Rethinking our approach to open-source data

When we talk about the government data that needs to be protected for national security reasons, classified information—related to defence and intelligence services—often takes precedence. But what about the protection of unclassified, open-source government data?

The ABC gets it wrong on its South Pacific service

Graeme Dobell identifies flaws in the ABC's decision to turn off Australia’s shortwave service that broadcasts to northern Australia and the South Pacific.