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Community land trusts and Indigenous housing options

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are a model of community-based, perpetually affordable housing that has been operating in the United States for the past 30 years and has more recently been established in the United Kingdom. This study found that Community Land Trust models have the...

Building Arabic businesses

This study engaged with a group of owner-managers with Arabic ancestry in the Auburn-Bankstown corridor within Sydney’s West Central planning sub-region. It sought to examine the barriers and impediments to employment generation and growth faced by these owner managers and whether or not such impediments...

Sydney's agricultural lands

As indicated in the 2005 Metropolitan Strategy and subsequent 2007 Draft Sub-regional Strategies, comprehensive data on Sydney’s agricultural lands are key to effective planning on Sydney’s urban fringe. With the five year review of the Metropolitan Strategy in 2010, the need for relevant data is...

Developing a Penrith Valley economic corridor

The promotion and development of a Penrith Valley economic corridor has the potential to play an important role in facilitating income generation and employment growth in the Penrith area, and so contribute significantly in addressing NSW government job targets as outlined in the NSW Government’s...