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Growing younger: Repetition and regression

The object of this study is a community of 80,000 retired people living in ‘The Villages’, a child-free ‘active adult retirement community’ in central Florida (USA). All property owners and most of the residents, bar a smattering of under-age partners and household members, are over...

Learning from cross-border arrangements to support climate change adaption in Australia - Stage 1

This research is funded by the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) Adaptation Research Grants Program (ARGP) 2011-2013. The focus is on what can be learnt from existing cross-border regulatory mechanisms with a view to strengthening and improving cross-border climate change adaptation practices in...
Discussion paper

The principles of public transport network planning: a review of the emerging literature with select examples

The governance and management of public transport systems is an essential component of metropolitan planning and urban management. Most metropolitan strategies in Australia and in other jurisdictions presuppose the provision of public transport. Yet there is often a disconnection between transport plans and land-use schemes...

Unsettling suburbia: The new landscape of oil and mortgage vulnerability in Australian cities

The devastating impact of soaring fuel and mortgage prices on Australian households is graphically revealed in the new Griffith University Urban Research Program VAMPIRE index. This paper describes the devastating impact of soaring fuel and mortgage prices on Australian households. The VAMPIRE index identifies the...