Victorian Eco Innovation Lab


The economic contribution of Melbourne’s foodbowl

Deloitte Access Economics undertook an economic analysis of Melbourne’s foodbowl for the Foodprint Melbourne project. The final Foodprint Melbourne report draws on the findings of this economic analysis.

Melbourne's foodprint: what does it take to feed a city?

This report summarises research findings about what it takes to feed Melbourne - how much land, water, and energy and the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and food waste generated.

Melbourne's foodbowl: now and at seven million

The first release from the Foodprint Melbourne project investigated the importance of city-fringe farmland, and highlighted the potential threat to supplies of fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables as Melbourne grows to a population of over 7 million people by 2050.

VEIL Ballarat centre structural plan

This report looks at the future development in Ballarat, Victoria. New forms of urban planning, housing and also transport and use of natural resouces are some of the major topics covered.

Visualisations of a water sensitive city

This visualtion report asks the question of what water sustainabilty and catchments plans are for the future.