The Victoria Institute


Changing the rules of the game: the SEDA program at Tiwi College, 2015

The evaluation of the Tiwi College and Sports and Education Development Australia [SEDA] program aimed to determine how the program was progressing in 2015.

School transitions for vulnerable young people: re-engaging students through local initiatives

A review of research, key government reports and local approaches to support primary to secondary school transitions. Includes an audit and action guide. Executive summary

Young Australians, illness and education: report on the national database project

Chronically-ill children who need to take extended absences from school are neither officially acknowledged nor assisted to keep up, according to this report.

Putting the jigsaw together: flexible learning programs in Australia

This report focuses on the provision of education for disadvantaged young people through flexible learning programs in Australia. The overall goal of the project was to both assess and enhance the potential of flexible learning programs to contribute to marginalised young people’s learning and wellbeing...