Centre for Research and Learning in Regional Australia

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Maturing school-community partnerships: developing learning communities in rural Australia

This paper reports findings from a project that examined the extent and nature of the contribution of rural schools to their communities' development beyond traditional forms of education of young people. Case study communities in five Australian States participated in the project, funded by the...

Generating jobs in regional Tasmania: a social capital approach: final report

The Generating Jobs in Regional Tasmania project investigated how small businesses, training providers (including schools) and other organisations can best work together to improve the match between the skills available in small rural communities and the needs of employers, particularly small businesses. The two rural...

Learning communities in education and training: Volume 1: Meeting needs in regional Australia; Volume 2: Ten regional case studies

This is the report of two-year longitudinal study, The Role of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Regional Australia, conducted by research staff of the Centre for Research and Learning in Regional Australia. The overall aim of the project is to provide detailed information about...
Discussion paper

Cooperation and tolerance: restoring our economic system

This paper argues that present institutional settings in rural Australia are inadequate for the task of bringing about a culture which is fair and inclusive. The solution is seen to lie in policies for rural Australia that support an infusion of new values into our...
Discussion paper

School contribution to rural communities: leadership issues

Successful rural community development efforts focus on harnessing the resources already present to find community solutions to community concerns. For these efforts to be successful, high levels of cooperation, communication and trust need to be built within the community. This paper is based on a...