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Literature review

Parents' nonstandard work and child wellbeing

The rising prevalence of nonstandard work among parents in the era of the 24-hour/7-day economy in developed countries has raised a concern about its possible impacts on children’s health and development. This paper provides a comprehensive and critical review of literature on this topic.
Discussion paper

The subjective wellbeing of Indigenous Australians

Using data on self-assessed quality of life available from the expanded Indigenous sample of the 2001 National Health Survey this paper compares the subjective wellbeing of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Culture and wellbeing: the case of Indigenous Australians

A recurring theme in the debate surrounding Indigenous affairs in Australia is a tension between maintenance of Indigenous culture and the achievement of ‘equity’ in socioeconomic outcomes: essentially ‘self-determination’ versus ‘assimilation’. Implicit in this tension is the view that attachment to traditional culture and lifestyles...

Measuring the 'real' cost of children: A net wealth approach

Estimates of the cost of raising children in Australia are typically based on the additional expenditure incurred by parents compared to non-parents, and generate estimates in the vicinity of $10,000 per year per child, and much more depending upon assumptions regarding child-care costs. This paper...