Bureau of Communications and Arts Research

Working paper

Affordability of communications services for low income households

In 2017, the Bureau of Communications and Arts Research found that the affordability of communications services in Australia had improved overall. In general, consumers were getting better value as prices stayed the same or fell, while product inclusions (such as data) increased. This paper updates...

Review of code of conduct for Australian copyright collecting societies: final report

This review report examines the extent to which the code remains the best mechanism to promote efficient, effective and transparent administration of copyright licences, and supports overall confidence in Australia’s collective copyright management system.
Working paper

Creative skills for the future economy

This paper analyses the skills and qualifications of people working in creative fields and how these may be used in the future.
Working paper

Cultural and creative activity in Australia 2008-09 to 2016-17

There is growing interest in quantifying the economic contribution of cultural and creative industries both in Australia and internationally. Measurement of this activity can inform policy makers about how such industries contribute to economic outcomes relative to other industries.
Working paper

Impacts of 5G on productivity and economic growth

This resource aims to inform consideration of any changes to regulatory settings that may be needed to support the rollout and adoption of 5G services. It provides estimates of the costs and benefits that may stem from 5G and the impacts on businesses and consumers.