Christian Downie


Securing our energy

Securing our energy is a collection of expert essays on the challenges and opportunities of energy security, energy access and climate change.

G20 2014: the G20 Brisbane Summit, inequality, energy and anti-corruption

The 12th edition of the G20 monitor contains an overview from John Lipsky on the G20’s role in global governance after the global financial crisis; a paper by Geoff Weir on the G20, Thomas Piketty, and inequality; thoughts from Hugh Jorgensen and Christian Downie on...

The state of the Australian middle class

There is a widespread view that the middle class in Australia is doing it tough, that they are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a decent standard of living and are suffering from mortgage stress. Indeed, some media reports have announced the end of the...

Carbon offsets: saviour or cop-out?

Summary: The phrase 'carbon offset' describes the process whereby individuals, businesses or governments purchase 'credits' generated from projects that claim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The idea is that the removal of greenhouse gases counterbalances emissions from other sources. Consumers are being misled by claims...

Mobile phones and the consumer kids

In recent years manufacturers have devoted special attention to young children, or ‘tweens’ aged between six and thirteen. But as manufacturers have attempted to engage with this young age group to develop brand loyalty for life, children have been put under increasing pressure to consume...