Alison Anlezark


Does combining school and work affect school and post-school outcomes?

In this report the authors seek to answer the question of whether combining school and work is detrimental or beneficial to a student's school educational performance and labour market outcomes. They find that young people who combine school and work are distributed right across the...

Have school vocational education and training programs been successful?

School vocational education and training (VET) programs were introduced to provide more diverse pathways to work and further study for young people. Alison Anlezark, Tom Karmel and Koon Ong find that participation in school VET programs has a small negative impact on retention from Year...

The mature-aged and skill development activities: a systematic review of research

Many older Australians are up-skilling or retraining to maintain gainful employment or pursue other interests. In this systematic review of existing research, Peter Thomson, Susan Dawe, Alison Anlezark, Kaye Bowman set out to find evidence that skill development activities for the mature-aged lead to improved...

An aid to systematic reviews of research in vocational education and training in Australia

Key messages A systematic review of research is a decision-making tool for policy and practice. It is a piece of research in its own right, using explicit and rigorous methods that follow a standard set of stages. These methods identify, critically appraise and synthesise relevant...