Eddo Coiacetto


The capacities of private developers in urban climate change adaptation

Abstract The urban environment is particularly exposed to climate impacts, due to a range of factors, such as its geographical location, spatial immobility, and high population. The urban development industry relates to climate change because the built environment itself has climate impacts; the location and...
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Retail form in Melbourne and Brisbane: a preliminary investigation into the differences between the two cities

While retail form has implications for matters such as consumer accessibility, quality of service and transport patterns and has been the subject of investigations overseas, there have been comparatively few investigations into the nature of retail form in Australia and the factors that shape that...
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Gold Coast development: a special case or same old city factories?

Given the association that the city has had with the property development industry, it is pertinent to ask a question that is relevant to urban governance, managing urban growth and urban morphology: “Is the Gold Coast development industry different?”

Real estate development industry structure: Is it competitive and why?

Although the real estate development industry is a very large industry and a major shaper of the built environment, planning, the discipline concerned with regulating development, has shown remarkably little interest in matters of development industry structure, little is known about the industry’s structure and...
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Urban social structure: A focus on the development industry

This paper makes the case that an approach that focuses on the development industry role is needed to complement existing perspectives and because it is highly relevant if not necessary for effective policy making.