Erin Mackay


Indigenous art and the law

The project provides a literature review and critically examines existing laws and investigates options for urgently-required developments in the area of arts law as it pertains to Indigenous people and culture. This project is premised on the objective of promoting full recognition and protection for...

Resale royalty and Indigenous artists

In the 2008 Federal Budget, delivered on 13 May 2008, the ALP Government committed to the provision of $1.5 million for the establishment of a resale right scheme for visual artists.1 At the time of writing in May 2008, a Resale Right for Visual Artists...

Copyright and the protection of Indigenous art

Erin Mackay outlines the impact of two recent domestic developments in Indigenous art; those developments being significant changes to both the permit system in the NT and to the Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) Program. These developments provide a further reminder that meaningful legal protection...