Fred Argy


Australia's fiscal straightjacket: eight myths about tax and public debt which are holding us back

We are constantly told that investment in infrastructure is impossible without finding a way to access private funding. It is just too expensive. Tunnels and train lines cost billions of dollars. Funding projects like these through public spending would be irresponsible - what if there's...

Government advertising on industrial relations

Fred Argy reviews the federal government's publicly funded, multi-million dollar campaign to persuade the Australian electorate of the merits of the controversial WorkChoices policy.

Equality of opportunity in Australia: myth and reality

Fred Argy discusses underlying structural inequalities and barriers to mobility that are distorting market outcomes in Australia. He identifies policy changes that could break down some of these barriers and make it easier for young Australians from disadvantaged homes to compete on a level playing...

What is happening to Australian democracy?

In this discussion paper, Fred Argy looks at the issue of incumbency advantages in government by examining the use of taxpayers' money for political advertising campaigns. The paper has a particular focus on the federal government's current industrial relations campaign, and argues that public money...

Beware of economic fundamentalism (or what makes a good policy adviser?)

In his words of advice to a new generation of economic policy analysts, veteran government adviser Fred Argy cautions against what he terms 'economic fundamentalism', and the associated risks of policy extremism. He calls for vigilance in exposing the small but vocal band of extremists...