Laurie Buys

Conference paper

Feeling blue? The importance of a confidant for the wellbeing of older rural married Australian and American men

The experience of depression for older rural men is particularly difficult, due to societal messages promoting a view of hegemonic masculinity. This study investigated the prevalence and predictors of mild depression among older married men living in rural areas of Australia and the United States...
Journal article

Diversification for sustainable development in rural and regional Australia: how local community leaders conceptualise the impacts and opportunities from agriculture, tourism and mining

Although the multiple economic, environmental and social challenges threatening the viability of rural and regional communities in Australia are well-known, little research has explored how community leaders conceptualise the impact and opportunities associated with economic diversification from agriculture into alternative industries, such as tourism and...
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Regional variation in social isolation amongst older Australians

Regional studies globally has a strong focus on understanding the causes of variation in the economic performance and well-being of regions and this emphasis acknowledges that the strength of the local or regional economy plays a determinant role in shaping quality of life. Regional research...
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Public understanding of carbon sequestration in Australia: socio-demographic predictors of knowledge, engagement and trust

This article explores the extent to which socio-demographic characteristics influence knowledge, trust, risk perception and acceptance of an emerging scientific technology, geosequestration or carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) in geological formations, which is positioned as a possible response to the build-up of greenhouse gases...
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Smart housing and social sustainability: learning from the residents of Queensland's research house

One fifth of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia are generated by the everyday activities of households (Commonwealth of Australia 2005a). Higher consumer awareness of the impact of housing on the environment (Commonwealth of Australia 2003, 2005b) and of sustainable housing alternatives (The State of Queensland...