Ed Carson

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Self-managed supervision

The growth of professional supervision in social work has been accompanied by complex attempts to theorise key elements of supervisory practice and highlight the need to further examine what constitutes supervisory support in current regulatory environments. Changes in human service organisations resulting from new public...
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Contractualism, workforce-development and sustainability in the community-services sector in Australia

The community-services sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia, as a consequence of governments moving away from direct involvement in service-provision and increasingly contracting with non-government welfare organisations (NGOs) to deliver human services. The perceived increase in NGOs’ reliance on government funding has...
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Resilience among social workers: the role of informal learning in the workplace

In issues of key scholarly social work journals over the past few years (British Journal of Social Work, Practice and Australian Social Work), articles have addressed the importance of work-based resilience for social work professionals. To date, however, the process of developing resilience has not...
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Distant relations: limits to relational contracting in domestic violence programmes

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to assess the applicability of relational contract theory in situations where government departments contract with non-government welfare organisations to deliver human service programmes. Its limits are highlighted by an assessment of programmes for domestically violent men that...
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Complexities of discretion in social services in the third sector

Policy analysts have devoted considerable time to examining the problem of the policy implementation gap, with one important strand in the literature following Michael Lipsky’s work on street-level bureaucracy and discretion. In this paper, we aim to contribute to the literature concerning shifts in government/third...