David Gruen


G20 Monitor: towards Hangzhou and Hamburg

The 21st edition of the G20 Monitor highlights considerations for the G20 ahead of the 4–5 September 2016 G20 Leaders’ Summit in Hangzhou, China. It also canvasses three topics that are possibly of interest to the 2017 German G20 Presidency: cyber rule-setting, global migration governance...

Forecasting in the eye of the storm - Address to the NSW Economic Society

This address discusses the problems with macroeconomic forecasts, using the recent global financial crises as an example. I have a long-standing interest in this topic, having been involved in macroeconomic forecasting for quite some time. But the topic is of particular interest at the moment...

The economic costs of reducing greenhouse gas emissions: understanding the Treasury modelling

The climate change modelling exercise is the most extensive modelling exercise ever undertaken by the Australian Treasury. This presentation summarises the Treasury report, Australia’s Low Pollution Future, released on 30 October.

A tale of two terms-of-trade booms

David Gruen compares the response of the Australian economy to the current terms of trade boom with its response to the comparably sized boom of the early 1970s. Across a range of dimensions, he finds stark differences in the economy’s response to the two booms...