Peter Kriesler


Accumulation and effective demand in East Asia since the 1990s

In order to understand current developments in Asia, particularly the pattern of growth and accumulation, it is necessary to consider the historical development of the region. In this paper the authors explain these recent developments from the stagnationist tradition in Marxist literature. Using the stagnationist...

Tools of choice for fighting recessions

John Nevile and Peter Kriesler argue that while it may be much harder to cure recessions now than in the 1950s, the reasons that led economists to downplay monetary policy then are still valid today. Moreover, the arguments that have been advanced against the use...
Discussion paper

Political aspects of buffer stock employment

This paper by Peter Kriesler and Joseph Halevi evaluates the buffer stock employment model. According to this model, the government acts as an employer of the last resort absorbing cyclical variations in unemployment. This has been suggested as a long term solution to the problem...