Brian Lloyd


Nuclear proliferation

This paper considers 'proliferation': that is, the degree to which links between civilian and military applications of nuclear materials, and technology, may contribute to an increase in risk from nuclear weapons. Key questions are: can nuclear material supplied for peaceful purposes be used to fashion...

Nuclear power and the greenhouse effect

This paper examines current arguments on whether nuclear power can be a way to reduce reliance on coal-fired electricity production, and so reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. This is a pressing question: the world is in the throes of acknowledging that climate change is a reality, and...

Radioactive waste management: third in the series on the debate on nuclear policy in Australia, 2005-2006

Radioactive waste is one of the most emotive issues in the current debate on Australia’s nuclear involvement. Many nuclear proponents share, with their opponents, an acceptance that radioactive waste is integral to the use of nuclear materials, from medical applications to power generation. It is...

Demand for uranium

Projections about future demand for uranium and uptake of nuclear power are the basis of some of the most contentious, and most often quoted, claims aired in current debates on nuclear policy. This paper looks at characteristic arguments put forward by nuclear proponents and opponents...

The national radioactive waste facility

In 2005 the federal government decided to establish a National Radioactive Waste Facility in the Northern Territory and in late 2005 legislation to facilitate this process passed into law. In so doing, the government sets aside an existing consensus-based process, established with states and territories...