Kristin Natalier

About: Dr Kristin Natalier is an Associate Professor in Sociology in the School of Social and Policy Studies, Flinders University, and Treasurer of The Australian Sociological Association. She is also an editorial board member of the Journal of Family Studies.  Kristin's work addresses people's negotiations of money and intimacy in times of personal and social change. She is currently researching single mothers' experiences of government services.

Using and ignoring evidence: the case of Australian child support reform

Single parents in receipt of Centrelink benefits, who are overwhelmingly mothers, are compelled to seek child support from their ex-partner in order to receive above the base rate of Family Tax Benefit payments. If the single parent receives child support payments, the rate of other...

The use of child support money in meeting housing costs

This paper explores how - and indeed, if - child support money is a useful resource in meeting the housing needs of the children of separated parents and the resident parent who receives the payments.

Improving housing outcomes for young people leaving state out of home care

This project aims to inform policy and service practice to promote positive and sustainable housing outcomes for young people ageing out of the state out-of-home care system.

Child support can help to secure housing for resident parents and their children after relationship breakdown

The receipt of more than $75 per week in child support assisted resident parents living apart to secure better quality housing for themselves and their children. For non-resident parents living apart, the payment of child support appeared to have no measurable effect upon the standard...

It's not just about the money: Non-resident father's perceptions of paying child support

Most research into child support is based on the experiences of residential mothers and children. The little we know about post-separation fathering often comes from mothers reports. This is problematic as many child support reforms focus on changing the behaviour of non-resident parents (usually fathers)...