Michael Hogan


Is Australia losing its religion?

Over the last ten years or so religion has been getting a fairly bad press in Australia. A large part of that has to be blamed on prominent churchmen (yes, men; churchwomen have much less to answer for here) who have turned a blind eye...

Anti-political sentiment in contemporary liberal democracies

A healthy liberal democracy depends upon the willingness of citizens to appreciate the value of the institutions and processes that are central to its operation – genuine elections, representative assemblies, political parties, politicians with human frailties, and the need for compromise and protection of the...

Worrying about religion

In a review of Amanda Lohrey's Quarterly Essay 22: Voting for Jesus and Tom Frame's Church and State Michael Hogan argues that there is serious work to be done in reforming the supposed religious neutrality of the state in Australia. But assertions about the need...

Cartoonists and political cynicism

This article by Michael Hogan is designed to open up a fairly untested area in the study of politics -- asking whether the impact of political cartoons is all benign, or whether an unrelieved diet of negative images may perhaps contribute to the level of...